We are small but effective.

We will produce and file your accounts by providing software to keep your records and manage your finances in a easy and time saving way.

Our philosophy.

Radha Krishna Ags provides emphasis on every minute detail of running a business, providing services such as planning and implementing business strategies, providing marketing and sales advice, operations and growth management and much more. Our aim is to ensure that our customers fully understand our values, providing sustained loyalty. Ultimately, our goal is our customers'; we share an end vision.

As businesses adapt to new laws, regulations and technology, we pride ourselves on our ethics, values and attention to detail, identifying the specific needs and requirements of our customers, highlighting any potential problems and providing sustainable, realistic solutions, all within a competitive and professional environment.


Continuously strives to provide excellent service by providing exceptional, personal and unique needs of the company owner. We achieve this by giving all our customers an access to designated, professional business consultants by phone or email. As a company, we want to focus in what you do best and help you improve efficiency and reduce costs by analysing and scrutinising the numbers of your company.